About Us

Mission Statement

Scimetrics, Inc. endeavors to furnish all laboratories with equipment that satisfy the needs of researchers and technicians for reliability, value and ease of use. This is accomplished through the proper selection of manufacturers, continuous training of our representatives and the delivery of prompt service.

Resume and Principles of Operation

Scimetrics, Inc. was chartered in Houston, Texas in 1972 for the purpose of selling laboratory equipment and supplies for manufacturing firms that have no direct sales force. It has since grown to be one of the largest "Manufacture's Representative" firms in the USA and has been HUB certified in the state of Texas since 2010.

Sales people and office staff are employed to represent manufacturers for the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, New Mexico and Arizona.

Primary markets include: all Bio-medical Research Centers, Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Laboratories, Agricultural Research, most Hospitals over 100 beds, and "Wet" Chemistry Labs that use lab equipment

Scimetrics' success is credited to the high quality of professional sales people employed. Each has the knowledge to configure specific equipment to the needs of existing and new markets. We don't just sell equipment; we provide installation, in-service training, and follow-up service. Our reps are qualified to do at least First-Echelon Service. These skills are used to ensure that Scimetrics, the Manufacturer, or various Independent service companies solve customer problems. Scimetrics, Inc. enforces the following principles of operation.

  • Dedication to long-term customer satisfaction
  • Management by objectives and individual goals
  • Individual Responsibility with rewards according to productivity
  • Employee participation in product selection and goal setting

Examples of our equipment: microscopes, centrifuges, readers, incubators, ultra low freezers, balances, biological safety cabinets, autoclaves, lab supplies, grossing stations, and morgue equipment