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Accuris™ Calibration Weights

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Laboratory balances, from economy to expensive analytical models, require routine calibration and accuracy confirmation. Accuris™ offers a selection of individual weights and sets that meet the standards for a variety of balance types.

Individual Class F1 weights, 100g, 200g and 500g, are also available. For calibrating larger capacity balances and scales with 1g to 0.1g readability, Accuris offers two stainless steel Class M1 weights, 1kg and 2kg. All individual weights are supplied in plastic, screw capped containers.

W1000-100Accuris calibration weight (F1 Grade) 100g
W1000-200Accuris calibration weight (F1 Grade) 200g
W1000-500Accurisl calibration weight (F1 Grade) 500g
W1005-1000Accuris calibration weight (M1 grade) 1kg
W1005-2000Accuris calibration weight (M1 grade) 2kg
W1000-TFTweezers for handling calibration weights
W1100-200Accuris calibration weight set (F1 Grade) 23 pcs, 1mg to 200g, includes protective case, tweezers, dust brush and cleaning cloth.
W1101-6-100Calibration set for Analytical Balances, Class E2, 6 pcs: 1x100mg, 1x10g, 2x20g, 1x50g, 1x100g includes protective case, tweezers, dust brush and cleaning cloth.
W1105-9-1000Economy calibration set for compact balances (Class M1), 9 pcs: 1x10g, 2x20g, 1x50g, 1x100g, 2x200g, 1x500g, 1x1Kg, includes protective case