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Accuris Analytical Balance W3100 Series

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Accuris Analytical balances incorporate electromagnetic sensor technology and precision mechanical components to offer superior weight determinations to a fraction of a milligram. Two capacity ranges are available in the Analytical Balance line to weigh samples up to 120g or 210g. Readability for both ranges is 0.0001g (0.1mg), with accuracy and linearity specifications that match up with the top brands in the industry. The W3100 balances tare and stabilize quickly to provide immediate results. Both ranges offer an optional "Quick-CalTM" internal calibration feature that allows quick and convenient calibration without the need for a calibration standard weight. The glass draft shield enclosing the weighing chamber has sliding doors on the sides and top for easy access to the weigh pan. Leveling feet on the rear of the balance extend laterally to provide stability, and a sensitive leveling bubble aids in the leveling process. The Accuris analytical balances have feature-rich software with different modes available for basic weighing in grams, ounces or carats, piece count weighing, determining percent deviation, and also check weighing for component inspection. The large, backlit LCD control panel is easy to see and easy to use.

  • Readablity to 0.0001g (0.1 mg)
  • Available with Quick-Cal™ internal calibration feature
  • RS232 port for data output to a computer or printer
  • Multiple mode options (standard weighing, count mode, & percent)

Model W3100-120 W3100-210 W3100A-120 W3100A-210
Capacity 120g 120g 210g 210g
Calibration External Internal "Quick-Cal"
Readability 0.0001g
Repeatability ±0.0002g
Linearity ±0.0002g
Four-corner ±0.0002g
Stabilization time Approx. 5 sec.
Sensitivity 2ppm/℃(10℃-30℃)
Operating temperature 5℃—40℃
Pan size 90mm Diameter
Dimensions (W x H x D) 320x300x470 mm
12.5x11.8x18.5 inches
Power AC 110 to 230V, 50/60 Hz


W3100-120- Accuris™ Analytical Balance, 120g, Readabiliity: 0.0001g
W3100A-120- Accuris™ Analytical Balance with Quick-Cal™ internal calibration, 120g, Readability: 0.0001g
W3100-210- Accuris™ Analytical Balance, 210g, Readabiliity: 0.0001g
W3100A-210- Accuris™ Analytical Balance with Quick-Cal™ internal calibration, 210g, Readability: 0.0001g

Brochure (Accuris_Balances.pdf, 1,554 Kb) [Download]

User Manual (W3100_Analytical_Balance_User_Manual.pdf, 701 Kb) [Download]