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AJ-Series Precision Centigram Balances

Intelligent Weighing
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  • Configurable RS 232 Interface, Windows® Compatible
  • NTEP Approved to 0.1 g
  • Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN
  • Counting, %, Density, Accumulation, Checkweighing
  • Optional Density Kit
  • GLP Compliant
  • Below Balance Weighing
  • Optional Rechargeable Battery
  • Vibra® Tuning Fork Sensor

The AJ Series of balances is produced in Japan with great quality of workmanship. Starting at the bottom of the balance, there are three support points, which provide leveling. The base contains the revolutionary Vibra double ended tuning fork sensor, which gives almost instant start up with no warm up time. The Vibra module is also very resilient against shipping or any movement induced damage. Accurate weighing data is attained on a 7.1" x 6.3"stainless steel platter. The centigram (0.01 g) range is fast, accurate and suitable for many different applications in the laboratory, including density determination, counting, percentage weighing, accumulation and check weighing. They are also available in NTEP (legal for trade) configuration for many of the retail trades, including jewelry, precious gems and dispensary use. For difficult to weigh bulky items, an unde rbalance weighing facility can be provided. Communication direct with Windows is also featured to provide GLP compliance and data collection via a serial RS232 port. The capacity of the balance offers analytical weighing up to 3200 g x 0.01 g, and reads in 6 weighing units, and Easy RESTM which allows you to change between three response times to suit your application. The LCD display backlight is adjustable for differing degrees of ambient light. A comprehensive user operation manual is supplied to help you get the most out of your investment.

ModelCapacityReadabilityPan Size
AJ-1200 Dispensary Scale1200 g0.01 g (NTEP 0.1 g) Class ll7.1×6.3″
AJ-22002200 g0.01 g (NTEP 0.1 g) Class ll7.1×6.3″
AJ-32003200 g0.01 g (NTEP 0.1 g) Class ll7.1×6.3″
AJ-62006200 g0.01 g (NTEP 0.1 g) Class l7.1×6.3″

Data Sheet (AJ-Series-Centigram-Balance-Data-Sheet.pdf, 191 Kb) [Download]