Baths - Wet, Dry and Freezing

Laboratory baths are essential instruments in order to perform a number of general lab applications such as defrosting, cooling/warming liquids, practical science demonstrations and experiments and temperature control of samples. Scimetrics offer a large selection of lab baths, including dry baths and water baths from Benchmark Scientific, all of our baths are designed to heat materials gently and gradually to a fixed temperature or keep samples warm over an extended period of time. Our dry baths use dry heat to heat aluminum block inserts which then heat up samples, where as our water baths use water inside a chamber to heat samples as well as cool equipment and are available in un-stirred, shaking and heated circulating models. All of these units feature a bright digital display, intuitive controls and a durable construction all housed in a compact, space-saving design. Our laboratory baths allow for a safe, convenient and easy of use operations while maintaining temperature uniformity and control.