Tissue Freezing Bath


The HistoChill™ low temperature bath is mechanically refrigerated with an ultimate low temperature of -80°C. Because it's mechanically refrigerated there's no need for storing, crushing and handling hazardous and expensive dry ice. It's used for the rapid freezing of tissue samples in Histology and Pathology Labs as well as other disciplines. Using a liquid medium, the HistoChill rapidly and thoroughly freezes samples minimizing ice crystal formation compared with the slow freezing rates encountered in a cryotome.

The HistoChill™ is available in two configurations: the basic HistoChill (HC80A0) for general freezing applications and the advanced model (HC80A1) with built in magnetic stirrer and temperature control for more stringent, tissue specific or R&D applications. The advanced model includes digital set point and temperature indication.


  • Mechanically refrigerated
  • Frost reduction loop
  • Hinged & insulated chamber lid
  • Small footprint tabletop design
  • Operates on standard 120 volt or 220 volt power sources


  • Lab throughput increased by rapid freezing of tissue samples (seconds)
  • Ice crystal formation minimized by rapid freezing, making microscopic examination of the sample more precise
  • Frost build minimized while introducing and extracting samples from the bath through a warming loop on the upper outside wall of the refrigeration chamber
  • Hinged & insulated lid provides easy access to the bath
  • Liquid medium increases temperature uniformity and stability of specimen
  • Eliminates costs and hazards associated with expendable refrigerants


  • Snap freezing
  • Freezing biological
  • Tissue freezing

HC55 (no control)

HC80-0 (no control)

HC80-1 (with control)

Maximum Low Temperature -55°C-80°C-80°C
Bath Volume 1.5L 1.5L 1.5L
Magnetic Stirrer NoNoYes
Temperature Control* NoNoYes
Stability N/AN/A+/- 0.1°C
UniformityN/AN/A+/- 0.1°C
AccuracyN/A N/A +/- 0.1°C
Temperature IndicationNoNoYes
Dimensions (w x d x h)10.5" X 20.5" X 11"13" X 25.5" X 19"13" X 25.5" X 19"
Height-to-Work Surface above bench top10.5"13.5"13.5"
Weight (lbs)559596
Electrical: A voltage120V/60HZ/4A120V/60HZ/9A120V/60HZ/12A
Electrical: D voltage220V/50HZ/2A220V/50HZ/4A220V/50HZ/6A
Agency ApprovalsUL #61010-1 ; CAN/CSA 22.2 #61010-1;
CE (2006/42/EC), (2006/95/EC), (2006/108/EC)

HistoChill Spec Sheet (HistoChill_Short_Spec_Rev_004_0613.pdf, 568 Kb) [Download]