Analox AM1 Alcohol Analyser

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Analox AM1 Alcohol Analyser

A premium, world class system, Analox Analysers offer unparalleled analytical performance and versatility to assist the scientific research markets. The Analox AM1 Analyser is an ultra-fast stand alone system for alcohol analysis in plasma and other fluids. The system offers exceptional precision and accuracy and is used in a variety of applications and fields.

Contact us to find out how the AM1 can assist with your alcohol related testing or for a quote. We also manufacture a range of reagents, kits and standards for use with the AM1 to ensure effective, reliable and reproducible results.



Example Topics

Alcoholism Research

  • Effects of prolonged alcohol use and binging
  • Ethanol induced impairment
  • Neurotoxivity induced by ethanol withdrawal
  • Impact of alcohol use on cognitive development
  • Ethanol self-administration tendencies
  • Fetal alcohol syndrome
Cell Cultures
  • Tissue toxicity induced by ethanol
  • Effects of ethanol on cell death
  • Effects of ethanol metabolism on hepatocyte viability
  • Effects of ethanol metabolism on cellular replication
  • In food processing: Converting carbs into alcohol
  • Biorefining strategy development for fermentative production
  • Monitoring product changes in food and beverage production including beers and wines
Alcohol Effluent Measurement
  • Measuring regional alcohol consumption by analysis of waste water


After calibration with an appropriate standard, the single injection of sample is all that is needed to obtain a result and prepare the analyser for the next analysis.

Sample injection via an accurate positive displacement pipette triggers the complete analytical cycle and a hard-copy result is printed within 25 seconds.


Precision Accuracy (Method Comparisons) Linearity
Ethanol (Alcohol) C.V. of 2.5% @ 18.5 mmol/L (ca. 85 mg/dl) (whole blood) i) Method comparison for whole blood (neutralised/PCA extract) vs GC: y (Analox) = 1.039x + 0.28 mmol/L, r = 0.991, n = 27 ii) Urine Recovery Data: y (Analox) = 0.981x + 0.19 mmol/L, r = 0.999, n = 17 43.0 mmol/L (ca. 200 mg/dl) for 5 µl samples; 86.0 mmol/L (ca. 400 mg/dl) for 2.5 µl samples



The role of matrix metalloproteinase-9 in negative reinforcement learning and plasticity in alcohol dependence
Bok Soon Go, Sunil Sirohi, Brendan M. Walker
Addiction Biology January 2019

The a3ß4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist 18-Methoxycoronaridine decreases binge-like ethanol consumption in adult C57BL/6J mice
Carley N.Miller, Colton Ruggery, Helen M.Kamens
Alcohol Volume 79, September 2019, pp 1-6

Ethanol induces maladaptive impulse control and decreased seeking behaviours in mice
Phillip Starski, Sa-Ik Hong, Lee Peyton, Alfredo Oliveros, Katheryn Wininger et al
Addiction Biology April 2019

Influence of nonsynaptic a1 glycine receptors on ethanol consumption and place preference
Braulio Muñoz, Scarlet Gallegos, Christian Peters, Pablo Murath, David M. Lovinger et al
Addiction Biology March 2019

Interneuronal d-GABAA receptors regulate binge drinking and are necessary for the behavioral effects of early withdrawal
Laverne C. Melón, James T. Nasman, Ashley St. John, Kenechukwu Mbonu & Jamie L. Maguire
Neuropsychopharmacology Volume 44, pp 425–434

Persistent Alterations of Accumbal Cholinergic Interneurons and Cognitive Dysfunction after Adolescent Intermittent Ethanol Exposure
E.Galaj, B.T.Kipp, S.B.Floresco, L.M.Savage
Neuroscience Volume 404, 15 April 2019, pp 153-164

Scn4b regulates the hypnotic effects of ethanol and other sedative drugs
Yuri A. Blednov, Michal Bajo, Amanda J. Roberts, Adriana J. Da Costa, Mendy Black et al
Genes, Brain and Behaviour Volume 18, Issue 6 July 2019 e12562

DID it or DIDn't it? Exploration of a failure to replicate binge-like alcohol-drinking in C57BL/6J mice
K.Szumlinski, Michal A.Coelho, Kaziya M.Lee, Tori Tran, Kimberly R.Sern, Alexandria Bernal, Tod E.Kippin
Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior Volume 178, March 2019, pp 3-18

For the full list of Analox AM1 Citations click here.



MethodEnzymatic oxygen-rate
SensorClark-type amperometric oxygen electrode
Reaction Temp.30°C
Display32 character backlit LCD
Printer16 column dot matrix, 1 line/sec.
StatisticsSequential, giving mean, S.D and C.V.
InterfaceSerial data port
Power100-250VAC, 50-60Hz, 12-15VDC, 60VA
Dimensions23cm(width) x 29cm(depth) x 15cm(height)
Weight3.8Kg (Portable, 6Kg)

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