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Introducing CellaVision DM1200

When implemented together with supporting applications and software, the DM1200 becomes the engine of an automated and digital workflow for cell morphology, enabling you to work smarter and perform better.

The DM1200 system is suitable for both large and medium-sized laboratories:

  • Loading capacity: 12 slides
  • Throughput: Approximately 20 slides / h*

How it works

  • The system scans and reads the slide barcode and queries the Laboratory Information System for patient demographics and order data.
  • The slide is automatically placed under the microscope and the monolayer is identified, cells are located and high-quality cell images are captured.
  • When processing is complete, the Medical Technologist is presented with pre-classified white blood cells and pre-characterized red blood cells for review and verification.


  • Automatically captures digital images of cells from blood smears and body fluid preparations
  • Loading Capacity of 12 slides
  • Approximately 20 slides throughput / h*
  • Creates digital scan of pre-defined area of any interesting specimen

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Factsheet (CellaVision-DM1200.pdf, 1,308 Kb) [Download]

Concept Brochure (CellaVision-Concept-Brochure.pdf, 7,773 Kb) [Download]