FlowStar² LB 514 Radio Flow Detector for HPLC

Berthold Technologies
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The ultimate radio flow detector

The FlowStar² represents the latest improvements in an almost 50 years history of radio flow monitors used in liquid chromatography.

An optimised detector and electronics design for ultimate sensitivity has been combined with touch-screen technology for quick and easy operation.

In addition the FlowStar² can be operated via the RadioStar radio HPLC software or via the HPLC system´s software.

High Sensitivity

Low noise photomultipliers operated with an optimized coincidence circuitry and luminescence subtraction provide the best sensitivity available.

Automatic Cell Detection

A chip in the flow cell´s mounting frame contains all necessary cell information and ensures the correct cell has been inserted for the measurement to be performed.

Isotope Library

The instrument relies on an extensive library with preset settings for the energy windows of e.g. 14C, 3H, 32P, 33P, 35S, 125I, 111In and 99mTc. The integrated scanning feature improves the detector setup for the isotopes.

Both, single and dual isotope labelled samples can be measured.

User Access Control

User access can be controlled by applying a security password to protect the instrument from unauthorized use and interfering with running measurements.

Control via PC or via touch screen

Any mode of operation can be applied

  • touch screen
  • RadioStar radio HPLC software
  • HPLC system software

Multiple Interfaces

With its analog outputs and digital interfaces the FlowStar can be connected to any HPLC system.

Quality Control

An automatic performance control can be set up in the instrument´s software taking care of a regular and automatically started QC performance check.

Detection Devicesultra-senstive PMT operated in coincidence mode
with luminescence subtraction (random coincidence)
Digital InterfaceUSB
InputsTTL for Start, Stop and Ready
2x analog (24 bit) variable voltage (bi-polar)
Outputs2x analog 0 to 1 V (2.5-fold oversampling)
scintillation pump control
control for waste valve and fraction collector (relay)
Dimensions410 x 410 x 170 mm (w x d x h)
Weight16 kg
OSWin 7/8/10
Flow Cells
Cell TypesAdmixture cells for liquid scintillation (Z type)
Admixture cells for Microbore appl. (Z type w/ M extension)
Solid scintillant cells (YG type)
Solid scintillant cells for Microbore appl. (YG type w/ M ext.)
Solid scintillant preparative cells (YG type w/ P extension)
Solid scint. low backgr. beta/gamma/PET cells (MX type)
gamma cells (BGO type)
gamma cells for 125I (J type)
Cell Volumes10 to 6000 µL

LB 512 Brochure (lb514flowstar2_62777pr2_2016_09_rev.01.pdf, 5,205 Kb) [Download]