XPERT 20 for Research & Industry

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Where space is at a premium and efficient, high quality images are the goal, the digital XPERT 20™ is the solution. This self-contained, shielded cabinet X-ray system offers feature-rich, user-friendly software in a small cabinet that takes up less real estate than a PC monitor. With zero warm up time, the XPERT 20™ offers AEC (automatic exposure control), auto-calibration, automatic window leveling and the ability to save images, with annotations in multiple formats.

A small focal spot X-ray source provides increased visibility and sharpness of detail. With an X-ray source of up to 25kV and 1.0mA, the XPERT 20 provides images with the highest resolution to locate the smallest detail. Designed for use in the most limited spaces with complete shielding and other radiation safety features, the XPERT 20 is fully compliant with U.S. Federal and State requirements for radiation safety and operates with only a standard AC power source.

Ease of operation, safety and the ability to acquire, annotate, print and save images in multiple formats in the shortest amount of time makes the XPERT 20 the ideal tool for research applications.


  • Compact size for use in areas with limited space availability
  • AEC based fully automated digital imaging with manual option included
  • Ability to save images in multiple formats
  • Automatic calibration
  • Film print option


  • Energy Range: 10-25 kV
  • Tube Current: Up to 1.0 mA
  • Window Filtration: 0.005″ beryllium
  • Power: 90-250 VAC,50/60 Hz,400VA
  • Size: 11″ x 12″ x 18″ (27.5cm X 30.0cm X 45.0cm)
  • Weight: 70lbs

Detector Sizes

  • 5cm X 5cm (2″x 2″)
  • 5cm X 10cm (2″x 4″)
  • Up to 16 bit contrast resolution

*Specifications are subject to change without notice

XPERT 20 Spec Sheet (XPERT_20_Research.pdf, 1,387 Kb) [Download]