XPERT 80 Digital Cabinet X-ray System


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Kubtec's XPERT 80 brings high-quality imaging and ease of use to pathology and science, and research. The XPERT 80's compact, self-contained cabinet, with a high-resolution X-ray source, provides the sharpest images for every application. Optional sources are also available for micro-focus and soft X-ray applications with a resolution of 5 microns or 100lp/mm.

Featuring a stainless steel interior chamber, XPERT 80 Science and research are designed to allow you to introduce anesthesia and cables for monitoring devices through multiple portals. Fans integrated into the system dissipate heat and ventilate the chamber. The mobile cart and wireless connectivity options allow users to operate in different locations or wherever adequate facilities are available.

With Kubtec's expansive suite of user-friendly image analysis software tools and high contrast digital detectors, the smallest details can be enhanced for further examination. Images can be measured precisely and areas of interest located, annotated, and saved in multiple formats, making the XPERT 80 the ideal tool for collaboration in scientific investigations. An integrated high-resolution optical camera provides optical images of specimen for added convenience or side-by-side comparison with X-ray images.

The XPERT 80 complies with U.S., Canadian, and European requirements for radiation safety and operates with a standard AC power source.


  • Specimen radiography for imaging excised breast and bone samples in Pathology.
  • Small animal research, non-destructive testing, agriculture, drug development, forensic imaging
  • Learn how one academic institution is using the XPERT 80 in its research lab.


  • AEC based fully automated digital imaging with the manual option included
  • Automatic calibration with zero warmup time
  • Ability to save annotated images in multiple formats
  • Seamless interface with pathology and other third party software
  • Up to 5X geometric magnification
  • Mobile platform for easy transportation
  • Integrated high-resolution optical camera
  • Laser centering guide

XPERT 80 Spec Sheet (New-design-XPERT-80-80-L-M1240D-0319.pdf, 634 Kb) [Download]