Centro XS³ LB 960 Microplate Luminometer

Berthold Technologies
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LB960 XS

The High Sensitivity Microplate Luminometer

The CentroXS³ LB 960 meets all currently known requirements for a versatile, robust and sensitive microplate luminometer. The reader supports all basic luminescence technologies including

  • Flash-type Luminescence, e.g reporter gene assays
  • Glow-type Luminescence

The selected detector and the proprietary design of the optical system guarantee lowest background and negligible crosstalk. It is the instrument of choice for reporter gene assays and ATP determination when highest sensitivity is required.

Built-in Reagent Injectors

Up to 3 reagent injectors can be set up to dispense multiple activators or detection reagents at any time and with user-adjustable volumes during the measurement.
Berthold Technologies´ injectors are based on the proprietary JET Injection technology. Superior accuracy and precision is combined with excellent mixing performance. Variable injections speeds and "friendly" material enable even injection of live cells (e.g. in Aequorin based GPCR screening).

Waste Pump

Excess fluids from priming and washing procedures are safely discarded via an automatic waste pump.

Small Footprint

The design of the LB 960 Centro requires minimum bench space. All the important features are built in allowing maximum use of available bench space. The reagent injectors are housed within the small footprint, providing the advantage of short tubing and thus a low dead volume.

Detection Deviceslow-noise photomultiplier tube operated in single photon counting mode, spectral range 340 to 630 nm
Sample/Plate Formats96 and 384 well plates
filter membranes
Shaking3 modes, 3 velocities
Injectionup to 3 JET injectors
variable volume 10 – 100 µL
variable speed
Kinetics Operationminimum resolution 0.05 sec
maximum duration up to 7 days
Automationrobot integration
Luminescence <1 amol ATP per well
<1 zmol Firefly luciferase per well
Crosstalk 1 x 10-6
Dynamic range>6 decades (PMT)
Injectorsaccuracy better 98 % over entire volume range
precision better 98 % over entire volume range
Dimensions 330 x 430 x 295 mm (w x d x h)
incl. injectors
OSWin XP, Win Vista, Win 7

Centro 960 XS Brochure (lb_960_centro_centroxs3_2012_p8vg-wq.pdf, 1,468 Kb) [Download]