VAPRO® Vapor Pressure Osmometer

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The fundamental advantages of vapor pressure osmometry are now embodied in the most intelligent osmometer ever!

START WITH THE BEST! The Vapro Vapor Pressure Osmometer brings unprecedented simplicity, convenience, and accuracy to the routine determination of osmolality to help meet the demands placed on today's clinical and research laboratory.

Auto-calibration, a self-cleaning thermocouple, self-diagnostics, statistical analysis, and computer interface/printout capabilities make the Vapro, osmometer a must for any busy laboratory. The small sample requirement allows you to assay hard-to-get or expensive samples using the superior characteristics of the vapor pressure method.


The Vapro® Vapor Pressure Osmometer, can be used to determine the osmolality in any type of sample: fluids, viscous, and even tissue, giving the Vapro great versatility in clinical medicine or biomedical research applications. The Vapro osmometer requires a sample volume of only 10 microliters. Osmolality is displayed in 90 seconds.

The fundamental advantages of Vapro have been enhanced with automatic thermocouple cleaning and mechanized sample slide operations, making osmolality measurements with the Vapro the easiest and most user-friendly available. The Vapro programming includes robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of osmometer functions.

The Vapro includes computer and printer interface capability. To record more detailed information, or to capture the results in a computer, Vapro Lab Report software for Windows operating systems combines user-provided information with measurement results directly from the Vapro to produce a printable, savable report.

Why Vapor Pressure?

Vapor pressure measurement is the best method of determining osmolality, and the thermodynamic limitations of vapor pressure osmometry are least restrictive. For these reasons, vapor pressure osmometry is superior for most fluids in biology and medicine in which water is the solvent.

The vapor pressure method determines osmolality at room temperature with the sample in natural equilibrium. This precludes cryoscopic artifacts due to high viscosity, suspended particles, or other conditions that can interfere with freezing point determinations, giving Vapro a much broader range of error-free applications.

Menu Driven

  • Functions are selected from a simple and logical menu.
  • Streamlined user interface for quick access to menu items.
  • User-Selectable Measurement Modes: Single sample; Auto Repeat Mode; Averaging Mode for precision measurements; Delayed Start Mode for samples requiring longer equilibration times.
  • User-selectable languages (English, French, German, Spanish).

Superb Accuracy

Unsurpassed by any other method, error is less than 1% in the clinical range.


Self-cleaning thermocouple reduces maintenance and improves performance.

Easy Calibration

A push of a button automatically sets the calibration parameters.


Low initial cost, economical proprietary supplies.

Vapro Lab Report Software

Combines user-provided information with measurement results directly from the Vapro to produce a printable and savable report (Windows format only).

Trouble-Free Self-Diagnostic Operation

  • Few moving parts, no mechanical adjustments, no mechanical breakdowns.
  • Automated circular sample slide and chamber locking operation, which places all the controls on the front panel.
  • Built in clock records and displays a date code for each sample result.
Sample Volume 10 µL nominal.
Other accessory sample volumes:
2 µL using AC-063, 20 µL using AC-064 sample holder,
and approximately 60 µL using AC-065 sample holder.
Measurement Range Typically 20 to 3200 mmol/kg*
(up to 3500 mmol/kg with extended range osmometer) @ 25 °C ambient.
Measurement Time 90 seconds
Resolution 1 mmol/kg.
Repeatability 2 mmol/kg Standard Deviation
Linearity ± 1% of reading over calibrated range (100 mmol/kg - 1000 mmol/kg)
± 5% < 100 mmol/kg and > 1000 mmol/kg up to 3200 mmol/kg
± 10% > 3200 mmol/kg for XR units
while operating between 20 and 25 °C
Calibration Automatic using Opti-mole™ osmolality standards.
Readout 240 x 128 pixel backlit LCD.
Operating Temperature This device has been designed for indoor use only between 15° and 37 °C
with a maximum relative humidity of 85%. For use at elevations up to 2000
meters. (Instrument should be at stable temperature before calibrating.)
Storage Temperature 0 to 60 °C
Serial Outputs RS-232 (ASCII format). USB – Slave

  • Line Voltage
  • Power
  • Fuses

100 to 240 Volts AC @ 50-60 Hz.
40 Watts maximum.
(2 required) 5 x 20 mm time-delay type T– 1 ampere at 250 Volts.
Size (H x W x D) 20 cm (8”) x 28 cm (11”) x 36 cm (14”)
Weight 6.8 kg (15 lbs.)

VAPRO® Vapor Pressure Osmometer Brochure (Vapro(5600)_Brochure.pdf, 1,476 Kb) [Download]