Esco Airstream® PCR Cabinets

ESCO Technologies
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Keeping PCR reactions free of contaminants is imperative because PCR is an amplification process and contaminants will also be amplified in number. Therefore, it is essential to prevent possible contamination of the reaction with the highest air quality using the Esco line PCR Cabinets. The Airstream® PCR cabinets apply our renowned clean air expertise and decades of experience to deliver “best-in-the-world" technology to protect your PCR reaction. With our reputation as a world's leading “clean air technology" expert based on over 35 years of experience building systems to protect personnel, samples and process from contamination and developers of some of the world's finest Laminar Flow hoods and BioSafety Cabinets, Esco will help to maintain the integrity of your PCR reactions.

  • World-leading clean-air technology protects your PCR.
  • Decades of experience in designing leading Laminar flow hoods ensures contamination-free reaction.

Key Benefits

  • HEPA-filtered laminar flow with efficiency of >99.99% efficiency.
  • Airflow monitoring and UV Lamp for optimal reaction protection and decontamination.
  • ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination for user and sample protection.
  • High Energy Efficiency results in long-term financial savings.



  • True vertical laminar airflow with a large filter covers the entire work zone within the cabinet for better protection against cross contamination. This is much more efficient than conventional dead-air boxes.
  • High-quality polyester pre-filter and HEPA filter (typical efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns) provides the best protection in the world with long filter life spans.


  • Unique pre-filter change alarm and UV lamp replacement alarm make the cabinet the safest and the most user-friendly PCR cabinet on the market.
  • ISOCIDE™ antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces minimizes contamination protecting user safety
  • Esco Sentinel™ Microprocessor Control provides flexibility and environmental configurability to meet the users' requirements.
  • UV decontamination cycle is fully programmable using the Microprocessor keypad; a timer will turn off the UV lamp after the set period of time.


Model No.

External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions

Laminar Airflow



1035 x 617 x 950 mm

(40.7" x 24.3" x 37.4")

935 x 538 x 550 mm

(36.8" x 21.2" x 21.7")

0.30 m/s

(60 fpm)

115 VAC

50/60 Hz


1340 x 617 x 950 mm

(52.8" x 24.3"x 37.4")

1240 x 538 x 550 mm

(48.8" x 21.2" x 21.7")

0.30 m/s

(60 fpm)

115 VAC

50/60 Hz